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in florida, according to a cbs news/"new york times"/quinnipiac university poll and out in ohio mitt romney trails by five points. >> want to take a look at how it's playing in the battleground. the headline in the miami herald. group braced for legal showdown at the polls this. race is so tight some are already worried about possible recounts. campaigns sending lawyers. >> some other papers have it this way. "the denver post," ryan and ryan visits on tap for slight for colorado. the real struggle isn't for undecided. it's to make sure that registered voters get to the polls. >> "the wisconsin journal sentinel say obama and romney make change a key issue on stump. nbc's chuck todd joins us now. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: the polls close in ohio in 108 hours and between now at 7:30 p.m. tuesday night when the polls close, i don't know if an hour is going to go by without one of the two candidates for president or two candidates for vice president trekking through at least one town somewhere in the buckeye state. >> i'm counting on you to make sure we will win. we can't lose. le
." >>> other stories making news "early today" in america now, we begin with what could potentially be an end to jesse jackson jr.'s political career. cbs chicago is reporting that plea deal is in the works for the newly re-elected congressman could include his resignation and jail time. the illinois lawmaker is under investigation for allegedly misusing over $40,000 of his campaign funds. jackson is currently battling depression stemming from bipolar disorder. >>> investigators want to know what caused a massive explosion that left two people dead and others homeless. it damaged over 30 homes. the cause is uncertain but it was felt up to three miles away. >>> it was flying day this past weekend in san francisco. 33 teams did their best to take flight at the tenth annual red bull flugtag. they launched their homemade aircrafts into mccovey cove. they were judged on flight time, creativity, and their showmanship. >>> moving on now to sports, the los angeles lakers have a new coach. so much for phil jackson returning to the l.a. lakers. mike d'antoni is the new boss for lakers, replacing mike b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2